Ellas Retreat Paleros
Enter a space full of Yoga and Meditation

Located in a small Greek village at the Ionian Sea

Greek village atmosphere

Possibilities for beach life

Ellas Retreat in Paleros is a place where everyone can meet to and enjoy the many benefits of yoga, meditation and healthy living

We have a small yoga space in the garden and 5 min walk form the Retreat Center a big yoga hall with amazing view over the Ionian sea and Lefkada island.

We have 16 dorm beds and 3 double rooms.
And we can offer a wide range of healthy food

Ellas Retreat in Paleros is also known under the name The Yoga Hostel and was before known as Antonio’s Guesthouse.


Day on beachBeach next to Ellas Retreat

Food in gardenLunch in the garden

Hatha YogaYoga space in garden 

Singing BhajanSinging Bhajan

Sunset on beachSunset at the beach


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