Panorama Lefkada

Ellas Retreat Lefkada

It is an ideal spot for meditation retreats

Silence far away from the hectic world

Located in the mountains of Lefkada island

Stunning views over the turquoise sea

Nature in all directions

Many possibilities for hikes

The main retreat house is build of natural stone.
We offer both privat lodging and dorm.
The center has a professional kitchen and we offer healthy food to our guests.

Retreat House Retreat Accomondation

Butterflyes Locals inhabitants

Hatha YogaNatural Yoga space

MintHealthy Food

Mountains and FlowersSurrounded by mountains 


kriya yoga frontpage

Kriya Yoga in the Lahiri Mahasaya tradition

The sience of breath more>>


Tantra - everything is counsciousness

Tantra in the Shakta tradition

A transformation that is both spirtual, mystical and very human more>>


vipassana - frontpage

Vipassana in the Mahasi Sayadaw tradition

The sience of mindfullness more>>

Yoga - frontpage

Hatha Yoga and Kundalini Yoga in the Natha tradition

Awakining through yoga by activating the lifeforce more>>