11 days Shakti Tantra retreat - Receive shaktipat in Sellasia Greece

Dates: 2021-05-01 - 2021-05-11

Venue: Guruji Maharaj  |  City: Sellasia, Greece

11 days Shakti Tantra
 Meditation Retreat
With Guruji Maharaj @ Ellas Retreat Paleros

in a small greek village at the Ionioan Sea

from 1th to 11th of May 2021


Shatipat into the traditional path of tantra

 Tantra is dependent on a living Guru as for the effects of the preactice to flourish.

We at Ellas Retreat are honerd to host this retreat.


Program 11 days of guided Tantric meditation from the Shakta tradition

Why Tantra Because It is a direct way to open your life to a deeper level without having to control and withdraw yourself from normal activities.

The meditation blossom in a mystical way when the process aligns us with the most subtle energies of life.

In comparison to practices like Hatha Yoga where we are opening the energies of the body in this retreat the focus is to open the energies of the mind and thereby bringing us further. 


The retreat is a traditional tantric meditation retreat – Tantric Sadhana. Every day we will sit 3 times a day and preform Japa Yoga around a Yantra. Some days there will also be Japa Yoga combined with Yagnas (fire ceremonies). In the retreat you can still engage in daily activities.

Supporting Practices: If you wish you can participate in Bhajans (devotional singing), Arti (devotional ceremony), Serva (selfless service) and Hatha Yoga



guruji raj kumar

Guruji Maharaj Is a Master in the Indian Shakta tradition. In 2006 he gaver access to westerners to take part of the ancient practice of Tantra.

His life is a life full of mystery and of deep meditative practice from a young age. His knowledge and capacities in his field is extraordinary and still he is a simple and humble human.
He lives in the world and is married and have on son.



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Kriya Yoga

Lahiri Mahasaya Tradition

The Kriya Yoga meditation technique can be learned very easily. It uses the tantric science of life-force and chakras and will elevate your consciousness to soul level. Everyone who have the desire to be more free internally will have great benefits from Kriya Yoga. Other great teachers of this tradition. Sri Yukteswar, Yogananda, Hariharananda, Shankarananda   more>>




Shakta and Shaiva Tradition

Tantra offers transformation that is both spirtual, mystical and very human. The Shakta tradition is mainly focused on energy and uses mantra,yantra, puja and yagna as its main tools. The Shaiva tradition uses mostly meditation and contemplation based on a very practical and lucid metaphysics more>>




Mahasi Sayadaw tradition

If you like to learn to be truly present then the science of mindfulness is for you. Since the time of The Buddha the Theravada tradition have perfected mindfulness meditation. The benefits of present moment awareness is endless. You will experience instant results from the practice  more>>


Yoga & Kundalini

Hatha and Kundalini Tradition

The Natha yogis of India have designed a yoga and meditation practice that uses body, breath and mind to awaken the kundalini (the energy of awakend consciousness). Through a series of techniques starting with asanas the activation happen gradually. The tradition uses mainly asanas, pranayamas, bandhas and mudras more>>